Brief history of British dragon

The nearly twenty-year history of the British dragon , which initially supplied the market with preparations for building the body, can be divided into two stages.

Brief history of the Thailand company:

British Dragon Pharmaceutical was born in Pattaya in 1999, and six years later its sister British Dragon Pharmaceuticals , Ltd was registered there , and received a slightly modified logo. Own production was launched a year earlier, before that the products were only packaged.  All information on the site:

From day one, the owners of the company were guided by the fact that British Dragon’s specialization would be anabolic androgenic steroids. With all the rapid changes, scandals and criminal prosecution of the first owners, this position remains unchanged.

The distribution of products in European countries and the Middle East was so successful that the founders of the company began to penetrate the North American market, which soon led to their arrest.

2008 is a milestone year for British Dragon Pharmaceutical. The arrested businessmen managed to sell their stake in the company, it passed into new hands and officially re-branded , disowning everything that was previously associated with the brand. Despite all the assurances of the management of the Thai company, it is hard to believe in this, since the range of products has remained unchanged, as well as the sales markets. In European countries, it is not difficult to buy a British dragon . Anabolic androgenic steroids, manufactured at the factory by a Thai company, are sold by large online stores specializing in the delivery of sports pharmacology products to customers. The British Dragon Pharmaceutical logo is popular with fans of strength sports. 

To avoid counterfeiting, all products are labeled using the BD-PSS system. Anyone who wants to verify the authenticity of the product will need to go to the manufacturer’s website for the software to automatically read the unique security code. 

What British dragon preparations can be ordered?

The Thai company produces injectable and oral steroids. The manufacturer’s website indicates that it is currently possible to purchase oral :

  1. halotestex , with the active ingredient fluoxymesterone ;
  2. methanabol ( methandienone , methandrostenolone );
  3. oxanabol ( oxandrolone );
  4. stanabol ( stanazolol ).

The range of injectable steroids is richer , there are nine items, including:

  • an aqueous suspension of stanozolol ;
  • cypionate , enanthate and testosterone quaternary mix ;
  • decabol ( nandrolone decanoate );
  • mastabol ( masteron , drostanolone propionate );
  • boldabol ( boldenone undecylenate );
  • trenabol (acetate trenbolone ).

The capabilities of the product lines used by the company are such that they can quickly reorient to the production of other anabolic androgenic steroids. British Dragon Pharmaceutical has mastered the production of two dozen steroid drugs. 

How much can you trust the quality of Thai drugs?

The company’s website does not contain information on the availability of official permits for the production of medical products. However, the example of Moldovan pharmacologists who officially release products for use in veterinary medicine proves that it is completely unnecessary for the production of high-quality safe anabolic androgenic steroids. More on the link:

Let us mention the most interesting in this connection at last. Throughout the history of the company, even when employees simply packaged oral steroids and poured custom-made injectables into containers their quality was not satisfactory. Having looked through reviews of British Dragon preparations on Internet forums , you practically never come across negative ones. No major manufacturer of anabolic androgenic steroids is immune to counterfeits, they are found all the time. However, the company is taking measures so that the quality of the products does not suffer, and it becomes more difficult for counterfeiters to deceive an ordinary consumer.